Vote Incentive month, August!

Hi Everyone!

For the month of August, there will be Vote Incentives EVERY DAY! That means that you should come back to Heard and vote EVERY day, otherwise I'm doing a lot of work for nothing!

The "Buzzcomix" vote incentives are NEW sketches, done by either myself or my best friend Ami (who will soon be getting a SJ account)

The "TopWebComics" vote incentives are OLD, random sketches done over the last few years. I didn't want you guys to see the same image twice but I don't have enough time to do daily sketches for TWO different images, so please enjoy the hideous old drawings!

Also: I've added an "RSS" feed to HEARD. Please subscribe! RSS is totally neat! I personally use the Sage "add-on" for Firefox, and it's great!

And.. yes. I've added Project Wonderful advertising on the right side of my website. Please check out any ads you find interesting, and feel free to bid to have your ad displayed!! :) All of the money made from advertising will be used ... to buy advertising and pay for website-related costs XD

<3 Thanks everyone!

posted by BlinkyTheRed @ August 2nd, 2007, 9:07 am - 0 Comments